Mind-blowing oil paintings by Austrian/Jewish painter, LUDWIG DEUTSCH, LEON GEROME & RUDOLF ERNST in the late 1800s:
 The subject, “The Palace Guard” were depictions of North African medieval Muslims, THE MOORS, who settled in & ruled Northern Africa and invaded and conquered many parts of what we would now consider “Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, France & Southern Italy-ala Sicily)” for nearly 800 years, from as early as the 7th to the 15th century. Their profound, cultural legacy, influence & what they left behind( Such as the great monuments, the Alhambra and the Mezquita) is evident on modern day spanish architecture, art, music and traditions. All but ignored now largely by both Arab and European world history, The Moors played a significant role during the shaping of prehistory in their early settlement.

I’ve had the 2nd one since I was 5.

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a friendly reminder: the media is lying to you…

Stay woke

And niggas wonder why I only watch Netflix and read BBC / Vice for the news
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reach artstunna@icloud.com or message me here for inquires
 a nigga broke and need muses to build a portfolio 

He’s amazing. Get one!
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